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Just announced: This year’s masquerade will be hosted by Johnny Weir!

Join Hime in celebrating the craftsmanship, artistry, and creativity of cosplay at the Masquerade! Whether you’re gearing up as a contestant or simply looking to admire from the audience, there will be no shortage of fun! Cheer for your favorites as the stage floods with the fiercest pirates in all of the Grand Line! Scout around for the strongest Universe 6 warriors, and brace yourselves for titan-slaying brigades outfitted in the finest threads. Don’t be shy and join us for the festivities alongside countless other denizens from every corner of New Crunchy City and the anime universe! Join host Johnny Weir and our amazing cosplayers for a night to remember!

  • We’re excited about this year’s Masquerade! Below is information about submitting to be part of the event, our prizes, and the event itself!Attending The Masquerade

    The Masquerade will take part on Saturday, August 31st in the Grand Station.

    Doors will open up at 8:00 PM, and the event will begin at 8:30 PM. Seating is on a first come, first served basis.

    The Masquerade will last approximately 2 hours. TeddyLoid will be performing a set during the masquerade, so get ready to celebrate!

    You will need a CRX badge (3-Day, VIP, VIP+, or Saturday badge) to enter or attend.

    Doors open up at 8:00 PM. Please line up early to better guarantee seating.

    Cameras are allowed, but no flash. Photos must be for private use and not offered for sale or used for commercial purposes.  No tripods or other equipment will allowed to be set up in aisles. No live streaming the Masquerade.

    Press who want to take cover the Masquerade should request permission via the Press Department. We will also have a photo opp area set up for journalists to get photos pre and post event.

    Without further ado, the categories for this year are:


  • Classic Anime
  • Current Anime
  • Gaming 
  • Heroes
  • Idols
  • Magical Transformation
  • Villains

Have a costume that you created that you want to show off? Great! Here’s info about entering and taking part. 


Entering The Masquerade

  • Registration will take place in the Tourist Bureau located on the lower level near the main lobby on Friday 8/30 between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM, and Saturday 8/31 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. 
  • We will cap the groups at 60 entries.  
  • Each entry will only be allowed on stage in one category. Spaces will fill up and there are no guarantees that space in every category will be available. We will keep a standby list in case slots open up.


Prize categories and prizes:

  • Best of each category: 3-Day Pass to CRX 2020, and Anime Merch Gift Pack. Value $150
  • 3rd place overall: $250 plus 3 day pass to CRX 2020 plus Anime Merch Gift Pack. Value $400
  • 2nd place overall – $500 plus 3 day pass to CRX 2020 plus Anime Merch Gift Pack. Value $650
  • Best in show: $1000 plus 3 day pass to CRX 2020 plus Anime Merch Gift Pack. Value $1,150


Event Format

The masquerade will be fashion runway styled stage walk on. Skits are not permitted but group entries are. Audio will be pre-selected for each category by Crunchyroll Expo. You will not be able to add any additional audio, background images, or videos to your time on stage. We will call each category up during the event, and allow each entry to cross the stage and show off their work (we’ll be projecting you onto the large screens). Our master(s) of the ceremony may ask you a question or two about your cosplay. If you have more questions around this format feel free to ask them to the masquerade coordinator when registering for the masquerade during sign up hours on Friday and Saturday.


General Rules

Crunchyroll Expo Rules and Guidelines must be followed at all times

  • Craftsmanship judging will be done Saturday from Noon to 5pm. Individuals receive 5 minutes for Craftsmanship judging, groups 10 minutes.
  • Your stage presentation and costume must be street legal and PG.  No shocking, vulgar, or outright offensive performances.
  • If you are under eighteen (18) years of age, we will need you to bring a parent or legal guardian to fill out a Parental Consent Form and Official Masquerade Rules. 
  • Everything you bring on stage must be taken with you.  No confetti, fire/explosives, or jumping off the stage.  If you have any questions over staging, please ask the coordinator.  If you have any surprises, ask the coordinator. If you plan on doing any martial arts, gymnastics, hard falls – please consider this will be on a stage and if it is deemed too risky, that the coordinator may ask you to tone down your stage performance.


Costume Rules

  • Costumes must be built by or at least 75% modified by the wearer or designer.  No commissioned costumes unless the creator of said costume is entering in the entry.
  • Any costumes that have won Best in Show or a major craftsmanship award are prohibited unless extensive changes have been made to the costumes with proper documentation.
  • No live steel or weapons.  If you are unsure if a prop is acceptable for the masquerade, please ask security or the coordinator
  • Costumes should be self contained. There will be a ramp up to the stage, but tight turns are necessary. If you need an escort in order to see or move properly, please secure your own assistant.
  • In order to win an award, you must attend craftsmanship judging
  • All props must conform to our Weapons Policy and Code of Conduct
  • Costume references are strongly preferred as it helps showcase the details and work that you have put into your costume in your pursuit for accuracy
  • Lying or falsification of costume work will have you banned from the competition and all future Crunchyroll Expo Masquerades
  • The coordinator’s word is final as is all decisions of the judges
  • All awards are presented following the Masquerade. All winners will be required to provide a W9. Checks will be mailed to winners post event after receipt of required forms and paperwork.


Notes to Consider

  • Presentation and Craftsmanship combine for the overall decision on the awards.
  • Originality and unique concepts are something looked upon favorably by judges.
  • Costume documentation, from original notes to the building process is valued.  The judges are all designers and builders and enjoy the entire creative process.
  • Clean and simple construction will always trump a busy, sloppy costume.  
  • It is more difficult to construct a proper-fitting costumes with fewer details to hide stitchwork and fitting behind than to construction an over-the-top costume that hides construction.
  • That said, if you have a stellar costume with details and stitching that deserves some notice that isn’t necessarily noticeable, please photo and document!  Judges love details!
  • The Judges and Coordinator’s decisions are all final.  Our goal is to have a fair and enjoyable experience for all to enjoy!



What do I do during Craftsman judging?  What’s going to happen?

You will go into a private timed judging session with the judges  where you have the pleasure of showing off your work!  Don’t be shy! You basically will explain to them how you made your costume with any photos of reference and/or the building process.  Focus on the details and try to be thorough but efficient.


What are the judges looking for?

Originality, cleanliness, and thinking outside the box.


What if I’m running late for my judging appointment?

We will do our best to accommodate.  The judges have all competed and understand issues and stress to meet deadlines.  Please feel free to e-mail if you are concerned and we will do our best to work with you.


How does the stage performance work?

We will have themed walk-ons that match the genre entered. All the villains will one by one enter and enjoy their time onstage, like a fashion show to dark and mysterious music.  Enjoy your moment onstage!


How do the judges make their final decision?

The cleanliness and awesome construction of the costume combined with the stage presentation.