Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI

Virtual Talent

Kizuna AI began her virtual talent activities in December 2016. She became the first Virtual YouTuber starting up her own channel with her slogan being “I want to connect with everyone.” Her official YouTube channel “A.I.Channel” has reached over 2.6 million subscribers and her official gaming channel “A.I.Games” has reached over 1.3 million subscribers. She has also appeared on television shows and has starred in commercials not limiting herself to YouTube. She has become a popular virtual celebrity not just in Japan but worldwide.


She has overcome many challenges and is always looking for new ones. Currently, she is working on becoming a professional recording artist. She is determined to become a bridge to the human world using the 2 leading technologies, VR and AI.


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Kizuna AI will be debuting a new collection of Crunchyroll-Hime x Kizuna AI collaboration merchandise at CRX2019, and Kizuna AI will be making a special announcement at the Crunchyroll Industry Panel.