Asami Tano

Asami Tano

Voice Actress/Actress

Asami made her debut in 2002 as the main vocal of the band BOYSTYLE. Since 2007, her activities have broadened significantly to include actress, TV personality, and model. She played key roles in many TV drama series, such as Yamada Tarō Monogatari (2007), Hitomi (2008), and Sirato Osamu no Jikenbo (2012). 

Asami made her debut as voice actress as Rin in Toriko (2011), followed by the role of Akane Hino in Smile PreCure! (2012). Since then, she has been involved as a voice actress in many anime, including the roles of Sarah Kazuno in Love Live! Sunshine!! (2016), Mari Yukishiro in Schoolgirl Strikers (2017), and Saki Nikaido in Zombie Land Saga (2018). Asami has also played major roles in many stage dramas, such as Riko Aida in Kuroko’s Basketball and Mitsuru Kirijo in the Persona series.


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